The World s Greatest Monster

Category Fiction feature

Position Assistant director

Production JADRAN FILM

Year 2001.

Running time 72 min


The Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Stana’s hands were bitten off by a pig when she was born, nevertheless she becomes a skilled seamstress. Her beloved brother Toma wants to take her to the city promissing her a better life, but she ends up being a circus attraction.

Producer: Mario Romulić
Director: Goran Rušinović
Cinematographer: Tomislav Pintar
Production designer: Nedeljko Mikac
Costume designer: Ante Tonči Vladislavić
Editor: Ivana Fumić

Cast: Goran Šušljik, Mirta Haramina, Slobodan Milovanović, Ivica Vidović, Gorica Popović

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