The Love Life of a Gentle Coward

Category Fiction feature

Position 1st assistant director

Production ALKA film

Year 2009.

Running time 85 min


Saša is an unsuccesful writer who works as a restarurant critic. His life starts to change when he meets and falls in love with Ines who works in a private sports centre. However, things get complicated when he writes a bad review for the restaurant owned by a well-connected man. To get his life back in order, Saša has to face his character flaws.Producer: Jozo Patljak

Director and writer: Pavao Marinković
Cinematographer: Vedran Šamanović
Production designer: Velimir Domitrović
Costume designer: Branka Tkalčec
Editor: Dubravko Slunjski
Composer: Hrvoje Crnić Boxer

Cast: Nenad Cvetko, Dijana Vidušin, Siniša Popović, Jan Budar, Filip Šovagović, Zoran Čubrilo

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