Category Fiction feature film

Position Director and Writer

Production KINOTEKA

Year 2011.

Running time 94 min


LANA (17) is a girl from a typical Zagreb family. She is getting ready to spend the night with her boyfriend IGOR (25). On their way to the concert they decide to make love in a taxi owned by Igor`s friend. This is supposed to be Lana`s first time. Things go wrong when their intimate encounter gets interrupted by the nosies from another taxi. There is a robbery and attempted murder going on. Lana wants to stop their love game, but Igor forces her to continue. Lana runs away and in a nightclub meets IRENA (17), a troubled girl who is spending the night in search of drugs. A series of circumstances joins Lana and Irene together while they wander around the city.

Producers: Ljubo Zdjelarević, Barbara Jukopila, Tomislav Vujić
Cinematographer: Darko Drinovac
Production designer: Damir Gabelica
Costume designer: Alena Orović
Editor: Mato Ilijić
Composer: Luka Zima

Cast: Iskra Jirsak, Nika Mišković, Živko Anočić, Nikša Butijer, Alen Liverić, Alan Katić, Franjo Kuhar, Robert Ugrina, Višnja Babić, Marija Škaričić


Sarajevo film festival 2011. Official competition
Motovun film festival 2011. Official competition
Pula film festival 2011. Official competition
Warsaw film festival 2011. Competition 1-2
New York City film festival 2012. Official competition

Canada international film festival 2012. - Rising star award
FEST 2012. - Special jury mention

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